NWA opens all lanes along the Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge leg of Southern Coastal Highway

The National Works Agency NWA says all lanes along the Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge leg of the Southern Coastal Highway are open.

As of yesterday,  persons traversing this section of the corridor are able to access all 4 lanes.

NWA Manager, Communication and Customer Services Stephen Shaw says the opening of the lanes comes at a time, when usage is expected to increase significantly ,during the festive season. 

He explains that while the road was already being utilized on a partial basis, motorists will now be able to access 2 lanes heading east and 2 lanes heading west.

Motorists are being urged to utilize the newly opened lanes in the correct fashion, as the previous practice of driving in a westerly direction ,on the eastbound lanes and vice versa pose a significant risk to safety.

Mr. Shaw says  there are  outstanding works to be completed along the roadway including the installation of light poles being undertaken in some sections.


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