NSWMA and brigade working to put out blaze at Riverton

The National Solid Waste Management Authority, (NSWMA) is working with the Jamaica Fire Brigade to extinguish a blaze at the Riverton disposal site in St. Andrew.

The NSWMA says it was notified that a fire broke out shortly after midday on Tuesday.

It says following the alert, the brigade was contacted, and units were dispatched to the site.

Executive Director of the NSWMA, Audley Gordon, notes that teams on the ground are working diligently to bring the blaze under control.

He says the authority activated the usual protocols upon receiving the alert.

Mr. Gordon notes that cover material is readily stockpiled at all NSWMA facilities, thereby ensuring an ample supply of material to aid in combating the blaze and facilitating the swift restoration of normal operations.

He explains that the fire is located on the periphery of the disposal site.

This poses significant challenges for responders, due to difficulty accessing that area, and high winds.

Despite these obstacles, Mr Gordon says the NSWMA and the fire brigade will take every possible measure to contain and extinguish the fire, prioritizing the safety and well-being of both personnel and surrounding communities.


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