NRSC to convene urgent meeting, following 10 road fatalities since start of month

An urgent meeting of the National Road Safety Council, NRSC is to be convened in the aftermath of 10 lives being lost in motor vehicle crashes, in the first three days of April.

News of the meeting comes as Minister of Transport, Daryl Vaz, issued a call to action to motorists, re-emphasizing the need for greater care and precision while traversing the nation’s roads.

Mr. Vaz was reacting to news of multiple lives lost and multiple people injured in crashes in recent days.

The latest crash along the Dunn’s River Main Road in St. Ann, Wednesday evening, claimed three lives, and left several others, including a 22-month-old baby, hospitalized.

Vice Chairman of the NRSC, Dr. Lucien jones described the situation as a major disaster.

Meantime, Mr. Vaz said the events of the past 3 days, serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for collective action from all sectors, to address road safety issues and the grave consequences of reckless road use.

While expressing condolences to the families of road fatality victims, Mr Vaz said stakeholders will be meeting to discuss measures to address the spike in crashes.

He implored motorists to exercise greater vigilance on the nation’s roadways.

Since the start of the year, 112 people have been killed in 96 collisions.


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