NRSC amplifies call for government to allocate necessary funds to erect road signs

The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) has amplified the call for the government to allocate the necessary funds to erect road signs, in well-needed areas across the country.

NRSC Vice-Chairman, Dr Lucien Jones said despite the submission of a list of the targeted roadways almost a year ago, the go-ahead has not been given for the signs to be erected.

Referencing Monday’s fatal crash in Westmoreland that resulted in the deaths of 5 persons, Dr Jones stressed the importance of addressing all the concerns regarding road safety in the country.

He said having road signs where necessary, is one critical strategy in the country’s fight to decrease road deaths.

Dr Jones also called for better administration of the breathalyzer programme, noting that 30 percent of those who died in crashes have been found to be under the influence of alcohol.

He added that safer roads need to be constructed in the country.

Dr Jones also noted that the country needs to work on improving how swiftly crash victims are transported to hospitals, as this could save lives.


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