Novak Djokovich battles through pain to reach fourth round of Australian Open

Novak Djokovich didn’t look too comfortable to start the match but he settled in nicely after that beating Dimitrov in straight sets to move on to the fourth round at theĀ  Australian Open winning 7-6, 6-3 6-4.

Djokovic was complaining to his staff at the start of the match feeling some discomfort but he was still able to jump out to an early lead with a break. Dimitrov broke back down 4-5 after saving a couple of set points in the previous game. It was the perfect time to shift momentum and he did for a brief moment.

Djokovic was forced to save set points down 6-5 but sent the match into the tiebreak. It was a close one with both players having set points but only Djokovic using his 9-7. The second set was simpler for Djokovic as he took a break and this time around he was able to hold it for the 6-3 finish in the second set.

Dimitrov was just unable to win the crucial rallies and that was a problem in the final set as well. To be fair, in that set Djokovic completely outplayed Dimitrov to easily cruise to the win. Despite the problems, Djokovic advances thanks to some amazing tennis. His level is looking really strong, it’s just a question how his body behaves as the matches get tougher and tougher.


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