Not all competitors attending World Championship will have their visa issues resolved in time – Sébastien Coe

(President of World Athletics Sebastien Coe, addressing the 228th Congress of World Athletics in Eugene, Oregon where Japan was awarded the 2025 edition).

Not all competitors will have their visa issues resolved in time to appear at the World Athletics Championships. 

That’s the word from president of world athletics, Lord Seabatien Coe .

Dozens of athletes have encountered delays in receiving permission to enter the United States to compete in Eugene.

Including Olympic discus thrower Jamaican Chad Wright who got his visa only yesterday, and African champion Ferdinand Omanyala stands to miss the heats of the men’s 100metres after the Kenyan only obtained his visa a day before the start of his event.

Coe said his organization will work right up to the last minute but will not  be able to resolve all those issues in time for the start of competition. 

Around 100 athletes, coaches and officials are still waiting for their cases to be resolved – with many of their applications expected to fail – and multiple world and Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson has criticized organizers in his homeland.


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