Normal operations resume at JUTC

Normal operations have resumed at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC.

As a result, commuters are being advised to expect the bus company to operate its usual fleet service Friday.

The update came from Transport Minister Daryl Vaz, in the wake of an earlier advisory from the JUTC, that workers were restive and warned of the possibility of a strike.

The JUTC had indicated that it is working to resolve a dispute over adjustments to premiums for health insurance coverage for workers.

In a social media post, Mr.  Vaz said that up to 7:50 pm, the JUTC was operating normally.

The minister said he has been assured that the JUTC will remain operating normally Friday, while negotiations continue with the bus company, the Labour Ministry, and the trade unions.

The 2 unions that represent workers are the University and Allied Workers Union, UAWU, and the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees, UCASE.

Mr. Vaz said commuters should expect normal operations while the negotiations continue.

The minister confirmed that all JUTC workers are back at work and that their unions have encouraged them to maintain normality while negotiations continue.

A meeting has been set for 11am.


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