No International Cricket for Jamaica as India Tours the Caribbean

Jamaica  will  once  again  be  watching  from  the  sidelines  when  International  Cricket  continues  next  month  in  the  region.

This  as  Dominica and Trinidad are set to host the two tests between India and the West Indies  according to a tentative schedule shared among the boards of cricket West Indies.

Barbados, Trinidad, and Guyana will host the six white-ball games, including three one  day  Internationals  and three T20 internationals.

The final two t20 internationals   will take place in Florida.

The series is scheduled to start on July 12   with  the  first  test  in  Dominica  ,while  the  second  test  starts  on  July  20  in  Trinidad.

The  first  two  one  day  Internationals  are  scheduled  for  Barbados  on  July  27  and  29,  with  the  3rd  in  Trinidad  on  August  1.

The  first  of T/20  International  is  on  August  4  in  Trinidad , with  the  2nd and  third  in  Guyana  on  August  6  and  8  while  the  last  two  will  be  played in  Florida  on  August  12 and  13 .

Meanwhile  a formal agreement for the two additional T/20 internationals   has not yet been signed between the boards, but  is expected to be formalized  during the World Test Championship final  which  is  currently  on  in London, where members of the  and CWI will meet.


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