No decision yet on if Haitians will be charged for illegal entry or repatriated

Head of the Portland police superintendent Lloyd Darby says his team is awaiting word from the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) to determine whether, the 37 Haitians, who arrived on the island, by boat this week, will be charged with illegal entry, or repatriated to their country.


The Haitians arrived on the shores of the Boston beach, in Portland on Monday.


Addressing yesterday’s sitting of the Portland municipal corporation, superintendent Darby said, attempts are being made, to determine if any of the Haitians are national security interests.



Superintendent Darby commended residents of Portland, for assisting the Haitians on their arrival.


He warned, however, that for future incidents, persons should protect themselves, from security risks and possible exposure to diseases.



Meanwhile, chief medical officer for Portland, Dr. Sharon Lewis, said the Haitians have been tested for various diseases, including malaria and covid-19.


She added that, the St. Mary health department has taken over responsibility of the Haitians medical well-being.





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