NMIA passengers experience longer waiting times due to protest by PICA

Passengers arriving at the Norman Manley International Airport, in Kingston, on Monday morning, experienced, longer waiting times, as workers attached to the Passport, Immigration, and Citizenship Agency, (PICA), staged a sickout.

The workers, who have been reportedly restive since Friday, are upset over what they say is management’s poor handling of several key issues.

One source told Irie Fm news, that the immigration officers’ sickout, has resulted in passengers being forced to use kiosk machines at the airport, when they land, resulting in longer processing times.

Administrators and management have also taken to the immigration hall, to process arriving passengers, in the absence of most of the staff.

Steps are reportedly being taken, to enlist the help of immigration officers from other parts of the island.

General secretary of the national workers union, Granville Valentine told Irie Fm news, that some of the issues affecting the workers date back ten years.

He said, among the concerns, are those relating to salaries.

Meantime, Senior adviser and strategist in the ministry of Tourism, Delano Seiveright says it will be a challenge processing the hundreds of passengers expected to arrive on the island today.

Mr Seiveright says the ministry is seriously concerned about how the industrial action will impact operations at both airports.


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