Ninja Man makes request to spearhead rehabilitation program for inmates

To mark the six year anniversary of his murder conviction, incarcerated Dancehall veteran Ninja Man has published an open letter to the authorities, calling for measures to curb the crime on the island through rehabilitation.

Directed at Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Opposition Leader Mark Golding, and National Security Minister Horace Chang, Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, said he’s offering a proposal to politicians based on his experience of being incarcerated that may be useful.

According to Ninja Man, who was found guilty of murder on November 20, 2017, many persons in the prison system would do better with ways to rehabilitate them to return to the general population so they can break the cycle of crime.

The artiste also said that the present jail system does not have any mechanisms to rehabilitate prisoners who are from various professions but instead are just detained, wake up, get fed, play football, and go back to lock up.

In his latest open letter narrated by Jojo Mac, Ninja Man said, “There are a lot of unused skills that are going to waste. I feel that being institutionalized should be more than just for punishment, I am not here to buy guns or form gangs, I’m here to change the mindset of the youth and I’m asking the government to assist me with restarting a rehabilitation program that I am willing to spearhead”.

Ninja Man also said, despite his own mistakes, he is for peace and wants what is best for Jamaica.

The Dancehall deejay is currently serving 25 years to life in prison for murder.


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