Nineteen people murdered across the island last week

Nineteen people were murdered across the island last week.

This brings to 65 the number of people killed between January 1 and January 27, this year.

That’s a 19.8 per cent reduction in murders when compared to the similar period in 2023.

Almost all police divisions are seeing reductions, except for St. Ann, St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine North, Kingston Central, Hanover and St. James.

Meanwhile, shootings have gone up.

As at January 27, there were 76 shooting incidents recorded across the island.

That is 12 more than the 64 incidents recorded for the similar period last year.

Robberies have also gone up by 8. 7 per cent, from 46 incidents in 2023 to 50 so far this year.

Break-ins, However, are down by 11.8 per cent, from 68 incidents in 2023 to 60 incidents up to January 27.


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