NIA calls for reversal of House Speaker’s ruling on tabling of some IC reports

The National Integrity Action (NIA) has called for a reversal of House Speaker Juliet Holness’ ruling regarding the tabling of some reports from the Integrity Commission (IC).

Last Tuesday, Mrs Holness ruled that some reports from the IC will go to the Oversight Committee for deliberation, before tabling, while others will be tabled first.

She also ruled that reports on public bodies from the Auditor General will be tabled in keeping with legislative stipulations.

The update followed concern by the Opposition and some sections of society about how Parliament was dealing with the tabling of reports from the IC and Attorney General, with some claims of delays and attempts to hide information.

However, in a release this morning, the NIA described as flawed, Mrs Holness’ ruling that IC special reports and the IC annual report should be first sent to the Oversight Committee.

The NIA argued that Parliament would have little control over when the particular report would be considered.

This, the NIA said would be entirely in the control of the Government – through the Minister or Chair of the IC and the government majority on an Oversight Committee that has met only three times in three years.

It added that Parliament would have no say in whether an Oversight Committee Member, whose conduct may be impugned in an IC report sent directly to the Committee, may sit in consideration of a report which contains negative findings on his/her conduct.


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