New Road Traffic Act now in effect

The new Road Traffic Act 2018, is now in effect, with harsher penalties for offences.

Many motorists are reportedly still in the dark, as to what the new law entails, and the opposition has long complained, about the lack of adequate public education.

The government has however, countered, that public education has been ongoing, for the past few years.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has been uploading snippets of the legislation, relating to penalties, on its social media platform, since Monday.

Among the stiffer penalties, are hefty fines for breaches committed, by motorcycle drivers.

A loud muffler, and popping a wheelie, will attract a fine of $10,000 while not wearing a helmet, will result in an $8,000 fine.

Transport Minster Audley Shaw, outlined some of the motor cycle offences, in parliament, on Tuesday.

Mr. Shaw also outlined offences related to telephone use.

The minister also outlined, that cameras will be used for remote detection of offences.


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