NEPA says recent fish kill in Harbour Head Area in Kingston was due to a lack of oxygen in the water

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), says the recent fish kill in the Harbour Head Area in Kingston was due to a lack of oxygen in the water.

NEPA said the presence of a dominant phytoplankton led to an algae bloom (or red tide) over a wide section of the harbour.

This resulted in a reduction in the oxygen level in the water and hence the suffocation of the fish.

According to NEPA, based on empirical data, the phytoplankton is known to proliferate under high nutrient conditions. 

Other environmental variables, such as temperature changes, can also help to create the conditions for the proliferation of the harmful phytoplankton.

NEPAsaid it is proceeding further with its assessment and investigation, by profiling and doing individual intervention for both point and nonpoint sources, that could result in the channeling of nutrients into the harbour. 

The agency has already taken enforcement action against the operator of one facility and will do likewise with other facilities as the investigation findings demand.


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