NEPA says no evidence of another chemical spill at the Rio Cobre

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) says there is no evidence that there was another chemical spill from bauxite company Windalco into the Rio Cobre in St. Catherine.


This, after concern was raised of a possible pollution incident at a section of the river, this morning.


NEPA says at approximately 8 AM, it received a video report that was being widely circulated of the alleged pollution incident along the Rio Cobre at Zephyrton, close to Linstead in St. Catherine.


The agency says its pollution response team was immediately mobilized and assigned to investigate the report.


The response team’s investigations and assessments spanned as far north as the Pleasant Farm to Byndloss areas, and as far south as Damhead.


Based on the findings of the investigations, NEPA says there is no evidence of a pollution incident or any negative impact on the water body of the Rio Cobre.


The agency says the response team identified the area where the video was allegedly recorded, and while the area displayed signs of impact, this is attributed to ‘wash down’ of residue from contaminated gullies from a previous spill/pollution incident.


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