NEPA says elevated PH level likely caused yesterday’s fish kill in the Rio Cobre

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is conducting an investigation into the presence of unusual matter discovered in the Rio Cobre yesterday.

This, following reports of a fish kill in the section of the river in Zephyrton, Linstead, St. Catherine.

NEPA says so far, the investigation has revealed that marine life was affected adversely due to an elevation in the PH level in that section of the river.

Upon arriving at the location, the agency says its team was confronted by unresponsive marine life floating in the river and a strong pungent odour. 

The agency theorizes that heavy rains in the area the previous day, may have resulted in storm water run-off of the likely contaminant into the river.

It says an on-site test confirmed an elevation in the PH of the river, consistent with the occurrence of contamination that could have  impacted the river negatively and likely caused the death of the fish.

NEPA says it has collected water samples for further laboratory analysis to determine the source and confirm the type of contaminant.


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