NEPA reminds public that American crocodiles are endangered and protected by law

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is reminding persons that the American crocodile, which is the species found in Jamaica, is an endangered animal and is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.

NEPA emphasizes that actions such as provoking, hunting, killing, capturing, or disturbing crocodiles are offenses under the act.

Additionally, the creatures may become defensive if threatened.

According to the act, anyone caught committing these offenses could face fines up to one hundred thousand dollars, or one year imprisonment.

NEPA also noted that in periods of heavy rains, caution is advised near crocodile habitats like swamps, rivers, and gullies, as the animals may be displaced.

NEPA is urging the public to report crocodile sightings to the agency or local police stations.


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