NCDA to monitor Ocho Rios Primary children who consumed drug-infused sweets, for psychological effects

Students of the Ocho Rios Primary School, who reportedly consumed drug-infused sweets yesterday, will be closely monitored over the next few weeks for psychological effects.

This as the National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) conducts substance intervention for the affected children, other students at the school, teachers and parents.

Representatives from the NCDA will be visiting the Ocho Rios Primary School today.

NCDA Substance Abuse Officer for St Ann, Nordia Henry was at the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital yesterday, where over 60 affected children were treated.

She said at least five of them were kept overnight for observation.

Ms Henry sought to allay fears of the children, having consumed drugs for the first time, being at risk of becoming addicts.

It has been reported that the children purchased the drug-infused sweets from a male vendor, who is not known to them.

Ms Henry said checks of the sweets revealed that they expired on Sunday.

She said the NCDA will conduct tests on the sweets to determine what specific drugs are infused.

She said the NCDA had done substance awareness sessions at the school, prior to the COVID pandemic, but yesterday’s incident highlighted the need for follow-up intervention.

Today’s school visit will involve discussions about long-term prevention.

Ms Henry is appealing to volunteers to collaborate with the NCDA to carry out the intervention sessions.


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