National Triathlon representatives in Santo Domingo for a four day camp

National Triathlon representatives Israel Allen and Rihanna Gayle are now in Santo Domingo for a four day camp in the Dominican Republic as they seek to gather more experience and knowledge. 

The Jamaican teenagers are at the camp with  President of the Jamaica Triathlon Association Carl Sharpe, who has traveled in the capacity of coach. 

The camp, which began today and runs until Friday, is designed to teach the fundamentals and among other things grasping the basics of transitioning between the three disciplines of swimming – running and riding . 

The competitors after the scheduled rest day on Saturday will compete in three age group divisions, under 23, under 19 and under 17’s.

Allen and Gayle will both contest the under 17 category.  

Participating countries include Barbados, Colombia, Cuba, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and host Dominican Republic. 

Both Jamaican athletes will be using the camp to aid their preparation for the upcoming Carfita Triathlon Championship to be staged in Bermuda next month.


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