National Integrity Action calls for more measures to ensure citizen engagement in fight against corruption

The National Integrity Action (NIA) is calling for more measures to be implemented to ensure citizen engagement in the fight against corruption, especially within Government agencies.


Speaking at a press conference this morning (December 9), NIA’s Principal Director, Professor Trevor Munroe explained that over 70 percent of Jamaicans believe that they can make make a difference against corruption.


However, Professor Munroe stressed the need for more to be done to bridge the divide between those who believe they can help and those who think they cannot.

The Principal Director said the gap can only be closed if efforts are made to understand the reasons behind Jamaicans’ way of thinking.


He added that there should be more awareness of the tools available to protect Jamaicans who decide to aid in the fight against corruption.


It is against this background that he called for the abolishment of the Official Secrets Act.




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