Murder-suicide suspected in death of Manchester couple

The Manchester police, are theorizing, that Tuesday’s incident, in which a couple was found dead at their home, is a case of murder-suicide.

Dead are Stephanie Ellis, a loans officer, and Keith Ellis otherwise called Ricky, a taxi operator.

The couple lived on Bonnitto Crescent in Mandeville.

Their bodies were found, when police reportedly checked their home, after a missing person’s report was filed for the wife, who did not turn up to work.

The woman was found with a wound to her head, and the man was found hanging from a scaffold, at the couple’s house.

Relatives have suggested that an impending divorce led to the couple’s demise.

Ivy Nembhard, the mother of Keith Ellis, told Irie Fm news that her son recently received divorce papers from his wife.

Meanwhile, Alford Hewitt, uncle of Stephanie Ellis told Irie Fm news, that he knew of the divorce, but didn’t expect such a tragic outcome.

He said the couple were good people.


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