MP for Western St. Andrew Anthony Hylton, recommends amendments to housing developer laws to better streamline utility supply and infrastructure maintenance

Member of Parliament for Western St. Andrew Anthony Hylton has recommended that laws governing how housing developers operate, be amended, to avoid complications in relation to utility supply and infrastructure maintenance. 

His recommendation follows yesterday’s protest by residents of Plantation Heights, over the lack of streetlights, poor roads and an inconsistent water supply in their community.

Mr. Hylton said the problem is linked to the failure of subdivision developers to complete installation of certain basic amenities.

These, he said, have been outstanding for more than a decade.

After a recent meeting with subdivision residents, Mr. Hylton said he and Councillor Michelle Thomas, have been making representation on behalf of the citizens, for improvements in these services. 

However, he said the efforts have been hampered by the fact that the roads remain private.

He noted that they have not been handed over by the developers, to the municipal authorities.

He expressed hope that the water, street lights, and garbage issues will be addressed soon, as the service providers have acknowledged the problems and their willingness to assist.

He said water has been restored in some areas.


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