Mounting pressure for Labour Ministry to address issues being faced by Jamaican farm workers in Canada


There is mounting pressure from stakeholders for Labour Minister Karl Samuda to address alleged poor working conditions and bad treatment being faced by Jamaicans on the Canadian farm work programme.


The Minister was slated to host a press conference today (Sept. 1), to update the nation on the work of the ministry and to address pressing issues relating to the programme, however, in an update issued late last evening, the ministry said the press conference has been postponed until further notice.


Mr. Samuda has come under fire for seemingly dismissing the workers’ claims, and stating that while on a recent visit to the farms in Canada, no mistreatment was observed.


Up to yesterday, some of the migrant farm workers took to social media to post complaints about their situation, including comments about the treatment of a man who fell from a ladder, while on the job at a cherry farm in British Columbia.


The workers pointed out that the injured man had to wait several hours, before medical personnel attended to him, despite reports that his injuries are serious.


They also claimed that at least 3 men have suffered injuries, while on the job.



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