Mother expresses displeasure over $9,000 uniforms being sold at prominent St Andrew-based high school; says back-to-school shopping too expensive

As parents and guardians across the country prepare for the new school year, one parent is lamenting that the cost of uniforms at a prominent St Andrew-based high school is too exorbitant.


The mother who says she has been diligent in preparing her daughter for her first year of secondary education was shocked that the institution was selling a set of uniform for $9,250.


She told IRIE FM news that with the current financial challenges facing several Jamaicans, the cost of uniforms at the school is too much for parents to bear.

She also expressed concern that parents are not allowed to reduce costs by having the uniforms made elsewhere.

Meantime, the mother of two said too many parents are struggling with back-to-school preparations, despite taking steps to buy the necessary items for their children.


She predicts that she will spend close to $200,000 on back-to-school necessities.



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