Morgan Heritage clan remembers Denroy Morgan on 78th Birthday

Daddy I miss my best friend,” says Gramps Morgan in a heartfelt message to veteran Reggae singer, Denroy Morgan to mark what would have been his father’s 78th birthday today (May 15).

Via his official Instagram account, Gramps Morgan wrote, “Happy Earth Day Daddy. I miss my best friend, but they’re still dancing to your songs here on earth.” He continued, “Thanks for all you have shown me as a man and what you have shared with this earth; I will be sure to pass it on @rasDenroyMorgan #morganfamily @morganheritage @dadasonentertainment #dadason.”

The Morgan Heritage clan also paid homage to their dad to commemorate his birth with a post of his image accompanied by his 1981 hit, ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’ that was shared to the Grammy-winning band’s Instagram account.

In 2022, on March 3, Denroy Morgan passed away at his home in Lawrenceville, Georgia, at age 76 after a battle with cancer.


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