MOH Permanent Secretary provides rationale for purchase of TVs at quarantine facility during Covid-19

Permanent Secretary, in the Health and Wellness Ministry, Dunstan Bryan, has sought to provide a rationale, for the purchase of televisions, used at a St Thomas based quarantine facility, during the Covid pandemic.

The matter was raised during the recent meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), after it was highlighted by the Auditor General, that there was no clarity about the facility, no rationale behind the purchase of the televions, nor was the purchase included in any inventory.

During Tuesday morning’s meeting, Mr. Bryan clarified that the facility was used as a quarantine space, and that the televisions were purchased to ensure that the facility could function effectively.

He noted, however, that steps have been taken to include the purchases in the ministry’s inventory.

Permanent secretary in the health and wellness ministry, Dunstan Bryan and before him PAC member and opposition spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais guy.

Officials from the ministry are at this time facing questions at the committee meeting, regarding the ministry’s Covid-19 expenditure and its general performance.


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