Mixed reactions from some stakeholders about today’s planned protest by lobby groups, over continued closure of Blue Lagoon

There are mixed reactions from some stakeholders about today’s (March 4) planned protest by civil and environmental lobby groups, over the continued closure of the Blue Lagoon in Portland.


The groups are slated to begin the protest at 12 noon, with a march along the roadway to the lagoon.


They are upset that the popular attraction remains closed, despite initial claims from the Government that closure, which occurred last August, would have only been for two months to facilitate renovation and upgrades.


They said attempts to get information as to why the attraction remains closed have been futile, and that they fear the closure will eventually lead to privatization.


A member of the Portland Environmental Action Group, Wilbourn Carr told IRIE FM news that the lagoon has been closed for, far too long and that the agencies involved in the activities to ensure it reopens are moving at a slow pace.

Carr said that the group submitted proposals relating to the installation of temporary restroom facilities until more suitable facilities are constructed at the location.

Meantime, craft vendor and boat captain Collin Beckford said he does not support the protest action.


He said some persons, including him, who previously worked at the lagoon, have since found other means of earning an income.




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