Minister Marion Hall pulls plug on GoFundMe to build church

A week after launching a GoFundMe to acquire a property to build her church, Minister Marion Hall has pulled the plug following criticisms.

In a message posted to her official Instagram account, she wrote, “I’ve taken down our GoFundMe post, because of some of my own people’s remarks towards me asking for monetary gifts, to help in the purchasing of the property and the building for the church.”

She continued, “For the people who have been criticizing me, about my goals and vision, for the ministry God gave me. Here it is. WATCH GOD, DO IT.”

Entertainer Cecile encouraged Minister Hall to continue her quest to seek donations to build her church. The Dancehall Reggae artist via Instagram wrote, “Look yuh money mumma. Ya pastor that’s what they do. Mmeea donate a smalls still.” Cecile completed her social media post with the hashtag forever lady saw fan.

Minister Marion Hall was aiming to raise US$2.7 million for the construction of the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. The building would also serve as the base for Minister Marion Hall’s cooking ministry which she started long before her baptism in 2015, feeding the less fortunate once weekly.


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