Mining Minister assures that there is no limestone mining in Cockpit Country, following concerns by citizens

Mining Minister Floyd Green has sought to assure that no limestone mining is being allowed in the Cockpit Country.

This, in the wake of concerns by some members of the public that the protected area could be at risk of mining of limestone, due to an increase in demand for the mineral.

The concerns came in the wake of Mr. Green’s recent tour of a ship at the Reynolds Pier in Ocho Rios, where he indicated that the facility will be expanded, to meet the expected increase in demand for limestone exports.

In responding to concerns, Mr. Green stressed that there is no mining in the Cockpit Country, not for limestone, bauxite or any other mineral. 

He pointed out that Jamaica has several limestone quarries islandwide, but the main one is in St. Ann, and that the operators of the quarry have been running an environmentally sustainable facility, for several years.

He said this practice will not change, even with an increase in demand for limestone.

Mr. Green further stated that all the quarries that operate in the island, must have an environment permit, and abide by its stipulations.   


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