Minimum wage earners to wait until April to find out about their increase

Minimum wage earners will have to wait until April, to find out about their increase.


It is expected that the announcement will be made then by Labour Minister Karl Samuda.


The heads-up was given by Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, as he opened the budget debate yesterday (March 7).


Dr Clarke acknowledged that the current rate is not enough.


He assured that minimum wage earners can look forward to a meaningful increase.


Meantime, the Finance Minister said Government will be moving to regularize some public sector contract workers, bringing them into structured, permanent employment.


Dr Clarke said the move will start in the education sector which will see 716 cooks and assistant cooks in the school system benefiting.


The Minister said the same will be done for 367 regular watchmen in the school system and 659 caregivers.

In the meantime, he said sanitation workers at the National Solid Waste Management Authority who have completed the necessary probationary periods will also become permanent employees.



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