Mikael Phillips says PNP not affected by court ruling about refunding motorists illegally fined for traffic offences

Opposition spokesman on transport Mikael Phillips said yesterday’s court ruling about refunding motorists who were illegally fined for traffic offences, does not implicate the People’s National Party.

The constitutional court determined that motorists illegally charged fines under the old 1938 road traffic legislation, over a 15-year-period, ending in 2021, are entitled to a refund.

The matter stemmed from a law suit filed by software engineer Maurice Housen, after the police gave him a $5,000 ticket, instead of the stipulated $800 ticket, for a speeding violation, in July 2021.

The claimant pointed out that the fines were increased by way of a tax order  by former minister of finance Omar Davies, in 2006 and 2007, and that this change was illegal.

The constitutional court, in agreeing with the submissions, ruled that the provisional collection of taxes, under the road traffic order of 2006 and 2007, are null and void, and of no legal effect.

Mr. Phillips pointed out that the issue relates to a traffic ticket issued in 2021, for which the motorist was over charged.

He also noted that the issue relates to the incorrect use of traffic tickets, as a revenue generating system.


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