Michelle Charles demands apology from Dayton Campbell for alleged defamatory statements

The attorney representing Member of Parliament for East St. Thomas, Dr. Michelle Charles is demanding a public apology from People’s National Party General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell for alleged defamatory statements made.

According to a letter from attorney Abe Dabdoub, dated yesterday June 24, 2024, Dr. Campbell and his membership allgedly made defamatory allegations and innuendos against Dr. Charles in which the legitimacy of her election to the House of Representatives was questioned.

The letter said contrary to PNP’s allegations Dr. Charles was duly and validly elected.

It said she is and was at the time of her nomination a Jamaican citizen, residing in Jamaica for more than 12 months prior to her nomination and she was not a citizen or under any form of allegiance whatsoever to a foreign power or state including a commonwealth foreign power or state.

It further stated that Dr. Charles’ allegiance is and was to Jamaica only, and in keeping with the oath taken at the time of her swearing in, as a member of parliament.

Her attorney is seeking a public apology for the statements allegedly made.


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