Michael Holding upset with the ICC

 Legendary former west indies cricketer Michael holding has lashed out at the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) for its decision to charge Australian opener Usman Khawaja for wearing a black armband during the pert test against Pakistan.

Khawaja was told by the ICC to keep his humanitarian appeal for the people of Palestine away from the cricket field. 

He was officially warned for wearing a black armband during the first test between Australia and Pakistan in Perth.

He wanted to sport a black dove on his shoe and bat in the upcoming Boxing Day test but even that was rejected by the ICC, and holding says he is not “surprised” by their stance of “hypocrisy”.

Using expletives in quotation to the weekend Australian holding questioned how people were allowed to take a knee for Black Lives Matter (black lives matter), and stumps were covered with lgbtq colors?” 

Holding argued that the ICC has not made their stance clear.

Holding, believe that by banning Khawaja’s move, as well as his subsequent request to adorn his bat with the peace symbol of a dove holding an olive branch, the ICC has inadvertently boosted his message, while revealing its own hypocrisy.


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