Members of the Jamaican diaspora in the US protest against gov’t’s handling of key issues such as crime and corruption

Members of the Jamaican diaspora in the United States gathered at the Jamaican consulate in Miami, Florida, this morning, to protest against the government’s handling of key issues such as crime and corruption.

The protest came almost a month after the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task Force gave notice of its intent to protest at Jamaican government establishments in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

In its letter in December, the task force said it had grave concerns regarding increasing public corruption, the level of violent crimes, what it described as government’s failure to provide promised service delivery and unfulfilled promises to the diaspora regarding its involvement in the political process.

The group said the concerns had led to a call for action, and that it would be engaging Jamaica’s international partners to seek redress for its grievances.

Speaking at this morning’s protest, Chairman of the Jamaica diaspora task force, Dr. Rupert Francis said the concerns of Jamaicans in the diaspora are important and need to be heard. 

Today’s protest is reportedly the first in a series planned throughout the diaspora.

They have been opposed by the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council — the official diaspora group  established by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.


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