Meeting scheduled for tomorrow between NWU and NSWMA officials following strike notice issued by workers this morning


A meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow morning (July 19), between the National Workers Union (NWU) and officials of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).


This, after NSWMA workers, issued a 72-hour strike notice this morning.


In a letter, the NWU, which represents the workers, said despite writing, on several occasions to the NSWMA management about workers’ growing concerns, no meeting has been set, with the union nor its delegates.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, NWU’s Assistant Island Supervisor, Dexroy Martin, says following the notice, a meeting has been set for 9 AM tomorrow.


He notes that the workers have been concerned about a flexi-week working arrangement, which was implemented without discussions with the NWU.


Mr. Martin explains that in its current form, the implementation of the flexi-week work arrangement has not benefited the workers.

He says, this issue is further compounded by the fact that the work hours for sanitation employees have been reduced.

Mr. Martin adds that irregular salaries and insufficient supply of work gear and equipment are also concerns of the workers.





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