Maurice Wilson demands apology from Tyquendo Tracy…. or else !

Maurice Wilson (left) and Tyquendo Tracey (Right) – Photo Courtesy of Yardhyde

Technical  leader  and  head  coach  of  Jamaica’s  team  to  the  recent  World  Athletics  Championships  in  Budapest, Hungary   Maurice  Wilson,   is  demanding  an  apology  from  sprinter  Tyquendo  Tracey  following  allegations  made  by  the  athlete  during  the  championships,  which  Wilson  views  as  defamatory.

In a  letter  to  the  athlete  from  his  lawyer  Valrie  Neita  Robertson KC  from  the  law  firm  Robertson  and  company, Tracy  has  been  instructed  to  deliver   the  apology on the same platform as his defamatory allegations; failing which, Mr. Wilson will  proceed to seek redress in the appropriate forum.

Wilson, according  to  the  letter   to  Tracy  views with deep concern, allegations made by  Tracey in a social media tirade, which created a frenzy in  mainline media,  internationally and locally, adding  that  the allegations defy the facts and are totally untrue.

The  correspondence  to  Tracy  also  outlined  that  Wilson  was  shocked  at  Tracy’s  tirade   against  him  which has caused damage not only to Jamaica’s reputation internationally but to Wilson’s professional life and has caused himself and his family to be exposed  to threats and abuses.

The  two  times  national  champion  Tracey alleged  in his   social  media  post  that  he was   on the receiving end of unfair treatment, after indicating  that  he  was  bumped  from  the  men’s  4  by  100  meters  relay  team   in favour of the world University Games 100 meter champion Kadrian Goldson who is coached  by  Wilson.


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