Masicka reps Dancehall in Atlanta

Dancehall deejay Masicka left fans in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday wanting more after a stellar performance.

From ‘King Inna Earth’, to ‘Like Gold’, or ‘Umbrella’, Masicka could do no wrong for the crowd gathered at the Bliss Lounge in Stone Mountain to see the Dancehall star.

The event, dubbed History, saw fans bussing blanks, singing along, dancing, and raving as the entertainer belted out hit after hit.

Other notable Jamaicans at the event were social media comedian Slick Whiteline and Romeich Entertainment selector Wurl Fresh.

Masicka, who was the headliner, exited the venue in the wee hours Sunday morning.

Last year, Masicka won the IRIE FM Music Awards for his exceptional album, 438, and the coveted Dancehall Deejay of the Year title.


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