Maroon Chief Richard Currie raises concern about delay in hearing of a legal challenge against the Gov’t for ownership of Cockpit country

Accompong Maroon Chief, Richard Currie has raised concern about the delay in the hearing of a legal challenge against the Government for ownership of the Cockpit country.


The area is deemed Maroon land in accordance with the 1738 treaty between the Maroons and the British.


The Cockpit country issue has been a long-standing one, with the Maroons and the Government seemingly at loggerheads about who has rights to the land, about the mining for minerals such as bauxite and lithium, and about the preservation of natural resources.


The Maroons filed a lawsuit last year seeking the Court’s declaration on the matter after discussions with the Government broke down.


Speaking with IRIE FM during the Annual Maroon Festival yesterday (January 6), Chief Currie said the case has been put off several times.




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