Mark Golding describes walk out by government members as unprecedented

Opposition leader Mark Golding has described as unprecedented, Tuesday’s walk out by members of the governing Jamaica Labour Party, during the budget debate.

As Mr Golding neared the end of his debate contribution, he noted that having the wife of the Prime Minster, as House Speaker, goes against the tradition of having an independent speaker.

This led to heated exchanges between members of both sides of the aisle, and due to the JLP walk out, the house no longer had a quorum of 16, so the sitting was adjourned.

Mr Golding then completed his budget debate presentation on the streets, outside Gordon House.

At a subsequent impromptu press briefing at the PNP headquarters, Mr Golding stressed that he did not say anything offensive.

Mr Golding sought to explain that the opposition has taken issue with Mrs Holness’ conduct.

Journalists questioned the rationale for the opposition raising objections now to Mrs Juliet Holness being House Speaker, after they seconded her appointment last September.

Leader of opposition business Phillip Paulwell also sought to defend his position, when he seconded Mrs Holness’ appointment last year.


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