Many times national champion Doug Gore threatens to drive’ away from local motor racing!

Many times national champion and three times Caribbean Motor Racing champion Doug Gore says he will be stepping away from local motor racing until the Jamaica Motor Club (JMC) takes action against driver Nicholas Barnes for using a dangerous fuel in competition and bringing the sport into disrepute.

Several months ago team gore, led by Doug and Tommi Gore….. brought a protest against Barnes to the JMC for what they claim was the use of the dangerous fuel methanol, at the recent independence race meet earlier this month. 

Methanol  causes the possibility of blindness if it gets into the eyes or can burn a car clear, if the vehicle is caught on fire. 

To add fuel to flame, Barnes allegedly stated in a social media post that he was going to use a leather belt to slap the white bwoy across his back. 

Since then gore has come swinging , accusing Barnes of racism and is now calling on the JMC to take immediate action against Barnes.


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