Manhunt launched for armed robbers who attacked Beryllium security team in Mandeville yesterday

The police have launched a manhunt for armed robbers who attacked a Beryllium security team at the Bank of Nova Scotia, in Mandeville on Friday (August 25).

Beryllium President, Andre McLean said no guard was hurt during the incident which occurred shortly after 5 PM.

However, it has been reported that at least three people who were waiting in line to use the Automated Banking Machines (ABMs) were shot and wounded.

They were reportedly taken to hospital for treatment.

It is not yet known how much money was stolen.

Videos of the attack, which have gone viral on social media, show men armed with high-powered guns, carrying what appears to be large money bags from a building to an awaiting black motor car, that later sped off.

Several explosions can be heard throughout the videos.

Up to late last night, police cordoned off the area, shutting down the use of ABMs at the Mandeville branch, and closing several businesses near the Caledonia/Ward Avenue and Caledonia/South Race Course intersections.

Yesterday’s incident is the latest in a series of armed attacks on Beryllium money couriers, with some incidents being fatal.


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