Manchester welcomes opening of May Pen to Williamsfield highway, as Portlanders lament its negative impact on their commute

The Manchester Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to a boost in investment and commerce opportunities for the parish, following today’s opening of the May Pen to Williamsfield leg of the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project.

The highway will be opened by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, during a ceremony, set to begin at 11 AM (September 14).

Chamber president Simone Spence Johnson says there is high anticipation among citizens and business operators.

She expresses hope that the highway will attract innovative ideas to Manchester.

The National Road Operating & Constructing Company (NROCC) has advised that the May Pen to Williamsfield leg of the highway will be open to the public at 4:00 PM today.

While the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project is being welcomed in Manchester, residents on the other side of the roadway in Portland are livid.

This, as road works are reported to be negatively impacting daily commute, with little to no warning.

The lack of adequate notification, and poor planning, resulted in scores of travellers being stranded for hours, due to traffic congestion, yesterday.

It’s reported that many persons, including school children, were late in getting to their destinations; and that some children had to walk to school.

Taxi operators who ply the Anchovy to Dolphin Bay route chastised the entities responsible for the road construction project, for causing the undue delay.

Sections of the project are expected to be completed by the end of October.


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