Man who escaped police lock up in St Ann fatally shot in confrontation with police

One of the four men who had escaped lock up at the Ocho Rios police station, in August of this year, was fatally shot in a confrontation with police officers on Saturday.

He has been identified as 40-year-old Terrence Harrilal of Claremont in the parish.

Mr Harrilal, who was charged with shooting with intent, was among three other prisoners who had escaped lock up.

It’s reported that about 5:05 pm a police team acting on a tip from crime stop, went on a snap raid in the Hampstead area of Runaway Bay, in search of Harrilal.

Police say upon arrival at the targeted premises, the accused was not seen.

However, police say on their way back Harrilal was seen on the roadway.

It’s reported that the police attempted to accost Harrilal, when he reached for his waist and pulled out a shiny object.

It’s reported that the police took evasive actions and Harrilal was shot and wounded.

He died at hospital.

A homemade firearm was said to be retrieved from Harrilal, along with two, 12 gauge cartridges.

In the meantime, police say the search continues for 42-year-old Dennis Colbourne of Islington, St Mary, who has been charged with rape;

22 year old Javar Grant, of Priory, St Ann who was charged for illegal possession of firearm and 30-year-old Jermaine Rodgers, of Mile end in Ocho Rios, St Ann, who was charged with illegal possession of firearm.


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