Man charged in connection with bomb threat at St. Catherine Parish Court remanded until Thursday

Businessman Michael Glenford, who is charged in connection with a bomb threat at the St. Catherine Parish Court in Spanish Town, has been remanded to return to court on Thursday.

Glenford, who is facing a charge of creating Public Mischief, appeared in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court today.

The Crown is alleging that the phone number from which the bomb threat was made is linked to Glenford.

Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague remanded glenford into custody despite a bail application by his lawyer who told the court he is innocent.

The lawyer disclosed that Glenford was at the courthouse on the day of the bomb threat because he had a civil suit against someone.

The lawyer said Glenford had no criminal record and there was nothing to show that he was connected to the incident.

The judge, in refusing bail, said the recent bomb threats across the island which involved schools and government departments were a waste of time and resources.

Last Friday, the St. Catherine Parish Court building had to be evacuated and cases put off, following a bomb threat, which was sent via email.


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