Man charged for allegedly killing mother in Alexandria, St. Ann

A twenty-four-year-old man has been charged with the murder of his mother in Nine Miles Alexandria, St. Ann last Wednesday.

He is Travelle Parke of Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Dead is: 59-year-old Jennifer Tucker otherwise called ‘Jen’, a farmer of Nine Miles, Alexandria.

Reports from the St. Ann’s Bay Police are that Tucker was on her farm, when she received a phone  call from Parke who is said to be suffering from mental illness, seeking assistance to go to the  hospital. 

She went to assist her son and did not return. 

When calls to her cell phone went unanswered, family members and citizens went to her home in search of her. 

Upon entering the  house, Tucker was seen  on the floor on her back unresponsive with blood coming from her  nose. 

The citizens suspected that she was killed by Parke and attacked him. 

The police were summoned and both Tucker and Parke were taken to the hospital where Tucker was  pronounced dead. 

Parke was treated and released into police custody and was charged after allegedly confessing to the murder.

His court date is being arranged.


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