Man accused of rape and kidnapping killed by mob in St Ann

A man accused of raping a teen girl and kidnapping a baby boy was attacked and killed by an angry mob in Graywood district, Moneague, St. Ann, this morning.

Dead is 37 year old Orando Coward, otherwise called Teo, of Graywood.

Even though Coward was killed after he invaded a home in the community this morning, the St. Ann police had been on a man hunt for him since Wednesday, when the 14 year old girl was raped.

Police have not released details of that incident.

It’s reported that Coward threatened members of the community, claiming that if anyone contacted the police, he would continue the assaults.

However, residents called the police and the cops conducted several operations between Wednesday and Thursday, in search of Coward. 

Today, it was reported that about 7:20 a.m. Coward went to a house in the community, smashed a window and entered the premises. 

He was reportedly armed with a shot gun and a homemade hand gun.

Further reports are that while at the house Coward held on to an 8 year old girl.

The child’s mother reportedly fought him off and was able to rescue the girl.

But Coward then took up the woman’s 2 year old son and ran away from the house, into bushes, with the baby.

An alarm was raised and residents launched a hunt for Coward.

Police reported that the baby boy was later rescued by Coward’s spouse.

Further reports are that about 9:20 a.m. Coward returned to the house, where he held up the occupants at gun point.

Some residents confronted Coward and managed to disarm him.

In an attempt to apprehend Coward, the residents reportedly used machetes to chop him, in the upper body. 

Coward fled but was later found unresponsive by a river.

The police were summoned and cops who responded recovered the shot gun and homemade hand gun from Coward.

The scene was processed and Coward’s body removed to the morgue.

Investigations continue.


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