MAJ President says he believes Jamaicans will be more willing to take monkeypox vaccine than they were to take COVID-19 vaccine

President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Brian James says he believes Jamaicans will be less hesitant to take the monkeypox vaccine than they were in taking the COVID-19 vaccine.


His comment follows reports that the Health and Wellness Ministry will be looking to procure monkeypox vaccines.


However, given that some citizens were and continue to be hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine, there is some concern that the situation may be the same with the monkeypox jab.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, Dr. James said this may not be the case.

He noted that if Jamaica should administer the monkeypox vaccine, he does not believe it will be recommended for all persons.

Meantime, the number of people quarantined at home due to the monkeypox disease has decreased to five.


This is six fewer than the 11 people who the Ministry said were in quarantine last week.


Meantime, one person has been hospitalized with the disease.


The number of cases remains at four, as no new case has been recorded.


There are three active cases, however, as one person has recovered.


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