Main suspect in killing of St Ann cop fatally shot by police

The main suspect in the killing of a police officer in St. Ann on Monday was fatally shot, during a police operation in Steer Town, on Tuesday.

Dead is Siraldo Butler, also known as ‘Siri.

Butler was identified as one of the suspects in the fatal shooting of 45 year old

Constable Ricardo Fairclough, in St. Ann’s Bay.

Police report that Butler was shot dead during an alleged confrontation with police on Snake Lane, Steer Town, shortly after 3.

In the incident on Monday, Constable Fairclough reportedly observed a female vendor being robbed, and intervened.

During the exchange, he too was hit in the upper body.

The assailant fled the scene on foot, evading capture.

Emergency services transported both victims to the St Ann’s Bay regional hospital, where Constable Fairclough was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The female vendor was shot in the upper body by the assailants.

She remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Meantime, during Tuesday’s operation that resulted in Butler’s death, police reportedly recovered one pistol at the scene.

Both the Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) and the Inspectorate Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (Iprob) have been notified.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has reiterated its commitment to bringing those responsible for attacks on its officers to justice, emphasizing the continued efforts to ensure community safety and curb criminal activities.

It is urging persons confronted by the police to surrender peacefully and not engage the law enforcement officers with lethal force.

The investigations into the circumstances surrounding both the initial killing of Constable Fairclough and the subsequent fatal shooting of Siraldo Butler are ongoing.


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