Lower House passes bill amending sections of the constitution

The Lower House yesterday passed a bill amending Section 61 of the constitution, to provide new words of enactment, which among other things, replaces ‘the Queen’, with ‘the Parliament of Jamaica’.  

Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs Marlene Malahoo Forte explained that this was the first legislative step in a proposed series of amendments intended to give effect to a constitution enacted by the Parliament and approved by the Jamaican people.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mrs. Malahoo Forte pointed out that Section 61 is an ordinary provision, which is neither expressedly nor impliedly entrenched, and that any alteration requires the votes of the majority of the members of each house to be passed.

The amended section will contain enacting words referring to the Parliament and people of Jamaica. 

The constitution amendment bill was passed by the Lower House at the committee stage, then also passed by majority vote with 34.

3 people abstained, 24 were absent; and one seat is vacant. 


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